Healing Through Pomo Medicine
Armando Williams, Pomo Spiritual Healer and Massage Therapist
Original Date: Thursday, October 14, 2010

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What are the traditional elements our local native people used and continue to use for healing and protection? How are spiritual doctors trained in the old way? Armando Williams will sing medicine songs, show sacred dance regalia, and share medicinal plants. He will tell us his own journey of becoming a spiritual doctor, beginning with learning songs and dances as a boy, and moving through the deeper aspects over time. He will tell some Pomo history and the effects of technology on traditional training. He will talk about his vision for Pomo people today and the future he sees for Pomo children.

Armando Williams, who set in motion Sebastopol's Annual Pomo Honoring Month, is a Pomo spiritual healer and massage therapist, trained in both Pomo tradition and Western techniques. He began his training with singing and dancing at age six, and gradually moved into deeper working with Pomo elders. He studied massage therapy at Esalen to work on the physical level. He performs healing circles and ceremonies, as well as being a lead singer and dancer.

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