A Second Birth:
"This Ever-Present Grace Supports Me In Each Moment"

Kenny Johnson, Founder, This Sacred Space Foundation
Original date: Thursday, November 19, 2009

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"I had to find a power that would not only get me through my current sentence, but would free me from prison forever."—Kenny Johnson

Kenny Johnson devoted his life to crime in his early teens, and served over twenty years in city, county, state, and federal prisons. During his early years in prison, he sought in religious and substance abuse groups the magic words that would release him from the grip of the prison in his own heart. His inner desire for freedom led him to a meeting in the prison chapel with the spiritual teacher Gangaji. With her response to his most pressing question—"Do we have to wait until we die before we can receive God's Grace?"—he knew he would never be a thief again. But how would he re-enter the world outside without resorting to old weaknesses? Could he maintain his new-found experience of grace? Kenny speaks to those incarcerated in all sorts of institutions about how to free themselves from their self-imposed prisons. Karma and environment shape us all as we learn to survive. The second birth of awakening is about survival too. This talk will center on overcoming society’s programming and familial conditioning to experience the second birth. What must be done to be born again?

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